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Kali Sikaran Wangara

Kali Sikaran Wangara

Kali Sikaran International is dynamic Filipino Martial Art which teaches a high quality, functional program of self defence. Our clear and consistent goal setting format inspires our student to be their best and to progress in self defence skills, physical fitness and confidence. Kali Sikarans principle based learning programs educates our students in all areas of self defence including: Empty hand, Sticks, Knives, long weapons, double weapons and many more.

Our program integrates our values of lifelong learning, fighting spirit and realism for survival.


Monday 18:45-20:15
Wednesday 18:45-20:15
Saturday (Advanced only)

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4/26 Baretta Road, 6065 WANGARA, WA, Australie



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Kali Sikaran

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